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Our Services is one of four (4) modules to Timeshare Pro Plus, making it simple for buyers and sellers of timeshares to locate all necessary documents  for transferring timeshares or adding/removing parties from a title.

  • The Owner-to-Owner module is a valuable tool for simplifying the requirements of transferring timeshare to a new owner or removal of parties from a title because of life circumstances.  These pre-written documents, which are rigorously kept up to date, reduce the amount of paperwork errors that call for hard copy revisions.   We work closely with resort personnel to eliminate those time consuming errors.
  • The Estoppel Module ( allows the resort to obtain electronic requests for estoppel information on a new owner, including the ability to attach additional documentation where necessary.   This at-your-fingertips information makes future activity such as collections a much simpler process.
  • The Escrow Module ( meets the needs of parties to have a licensed, bonded, and underwritten title agency hold escrow funds.  A third party holding escrow funds on a private sale or rental of a timeshare facilitates arbitration with funds available is vital for resolving any timeshare question..
  • The Documents  Processing Module ( revolutionizes the production of electronic sales documents such as contracts, authorizations, and the like by having the documents electronically signed by buyers and sellers.  This time-saving innovation eliminates the hours spent in preparation of forms and chasing down involved parties for signatures.

Turn to Timeshare Pro Plus to take the headaches out of the formalities of the timeshare transfer world.

For additional information, contact Dave Heine at 1-833-877-7638 or by email at

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